Mission Statement

Our mission as the Masterminds is to inspire children to pursue STEM with creativity, imagination, and ingenuity. We strive to foster innovative thinking and learning with dedication.

Our Story

Our Vision

Our vision as the Masterminds is to spread the ideas of STEM and FIRST. We not only strive to teach kids about STEM but we also wish to foster qualities such as collaborative thinking, teamwork and leadership. 

We started out as a group of 4th graders brought together by our interest in STEM. We started out as a rookie team in FLL (the league below the one we are in right now) and slowly moved our way up. Being little kids, we were biased towards our own ideas and weren’t really used to working as a team. But over the years, we learned the importance of collaboration and teamwork. We had to learn how to manage a budget and make frequent logs of our work.